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We offer you insurance products from the various classes of business. Thereby, distinction has to be made between products we offer as coverholder of an insurer and such products, which we offer as insurance broker.


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Online 24/7 x 365 plus telephone-support per week!
verias offers attractive insurance products from various classes of business.

Your benefits are thereby obvious:

  • High-performing insurance products
  • Constant expansion of the product range
  • Insurance concepts with interesting special terms and conditions

We distinguish between products we have created ourselves as underwriting agent and those we offer as insurance broker.

Based on our many years of experience in the market, with our products we will pass part of this experience on to you.

The verias product-offer:


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Within the ias-company group, TMS-Consulting stands at your side to competently support and assist you with advice and the implementation of complex insurance problems and financing solutions on a national and international level.

Our management team is highly competent and experienced with more than 25 years of professional activity in the insurance business. Through international co-operations we therefore offer a worldwide service to our customers.

These include, but are not limited to, the preparation of market analyses as well as project planning.

We shall gladly coordinate all requirements with you.